Video game to Movie curse

BY Justin Hopkins 

Video Games and movies are true titans of the entertainment word. Each of them making huge leaps and bounds forward, throughout each passing decade. They both tell compelling, stories, and have memorable characters, but up to this point, taking a video game and flipping it into a movie has almost been impossible. Assassin’s Creed, being the latest attempt. I haven’t watched it. So, I won’t say whether it was good or bad, but being that it is currently at 48.3 million dollars. It’s probably safe to assume it won’t match is 125 million dollar budget, and join the heap video game movie flops.
In my beliefs, there is a few reasons why these keep failing, the first being is that they stray to far from the story the video game has already layed out. Doom was pretty straight forward game. Had to fight demons and monsters, from hell. In three, they added you in a lab on the moon. The movie tried to give it a scientific reasoning and a seal team. It was no longer one man, really on his own fighting creatures from hell, and stole the atmosphere that was doom, and upset their target market. Causing them to make back on 56 of its 65 million back.
Next, is a little more challenging, and that would be storytelling. Mortal Kombat did a pretty good job at giving a fighting game a good story, and could be considered a success financially, but more guilty pleasure then good movie.  Resident evil is the same way (live action.) They were bad movies, but with their budgets being so low. They would always make their money back.
Which brings me back to Resident Evil. They made a new story to run along, but have completely disregarded the main characters from the game. They always appear hopelessly lost, or just inept. I love the Alice character, but they have done so much better is they would have incorporated the characters we already love, a little better.
It’s not all bad though. The animated movie are really good. Between Pokemon and the two Resident Evil movies. They were entertaining and compelling. Sticking to their roots and told me takes. Early rumors have Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon, in the works, for live action/CGI Hybrid. My hope, is they stick to the source for story ideas. 

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