Cinematic Universe casting

By Paul Anthony

We are now in the era of film where everything is in a cinematic universe or a shared universe. Marvel started this new era back in 2008, did we know it would grow and expand out of the comic book genre? Best answer is no but now we are entering a time where films are being rebooted to fit into studios shared universe.

As I stated before Marvel studios started this era with the 2008 films Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Back in 2006 Marvel Studios started to regain the rights to their characters back, they sold the film rights back in the 80’s and 90’s to keep the comic book company a float. When Blade came out in 1998, the studio started to make money even though they didn’t produce it, they still had a part in the film with it being their characters. X-men films and Spider-Man films begin to come out making money and Marvel studios began to rise, Slowly they started to get the rights back to their minor characters which they turned into their A-class characters, recently they began to work with Sony who still own the film rights to Spider-Man to shared the character.

Now other studios are creating shared universe  with their characters rumors are happening that Hasbro wants a Transformers/G.I.Joe crossover though the creative direction may prevent this and Legendary wants a Godzilla/ King Kong crossover and Universal wants the classic monster shared universe starting with the reboot film The Mummy. Let’s not forget Warner Brothers and D.C. Comics are doing a shared universe also.

Now I recently read where Bloggers pose the question if we would like to see Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway reprise their role as catwoman in the Harley Quinn solo film. The thing is when studios reboot a film, the actors and actresses will be different, this is a given because studios want nothing to do with the previous versions of the character and films.So Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry will never be Catwoman again. Christan Bale won’t be Batman ever again and so on.

This may hurt the fans who believe their favorite acters playing their favorite characters will return, sorry won’t happen, As for why bloggers do that, who know cinema. well their two reasons for that. 1. they are just beginerinngs and don’t realize that in reboots in shared univerises  recasting will happen. Second is just maybe they want the extra attention and they know the truth ,I don’t want to break the bad news to anyone and I am not taking any credit away from your favorite bloggers and please continue reading their work, but remember recasting is a must in a reboot and you won’t have actors returning unless they do return but as another character to please the fanbase. Just look at what the Ghostbusters film did this year, it was a reboot but wanted to please their fans which was a nice send off from the previous films. So there you have it the hard truth about reboots and shared univerise casting.







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