Rogue one: Movie review

By Justin Hopkins 

Star Wars Rogue One, debuted on Thursday, and is already raking in allot of money, and positive reviews left and right. I went in to this movie not a Star Wars fan, and by the end I am still not one. Actually even less of a fan, because it showed flashes that it could have been better. As always I try to show some pros and some cons before my final thoughts, but this honestly proved to be a challenge.
Rogue One is a movie that leads up to New Hope. Band of fighters charge the Imperial Base, to steal the Death Star plans, which are turned over to Princess Leia. To this point, they succeed spectacularly well. Timed it out perfectly, with a young looking Carrie Fisher, and quick cameo of R2- D2 and C-3P0.
This was suppose to be a story of Jyn Erso, daughter of Galleon ( a point driven into your head over and over again) and the rebel team. After a while, it seemed like they didn’t really care about any of these characters, since barely any time was put into developing them.
Starts with Jyn being in prison for some generic reasoning attempting to run from her rescuers for even less of one. Going with a boring reason for being her help. Her and Captain Cassain barely had a conversation. Which led to having almost no emotion from the big speech and their suppose to be sad death. Getting more emotion from the deaths of the robot K:2S0, and Chirrut.
Which was depressing because  the actresses and actors showed some serious flashes of great ability, but either held back or just stopped. When a little more character development, and little better direction would have made this a stellar movie.
Honestly, it didn’t seem like they wanted that. Choosing to focus on a bumbling Rebellion that got in its on way so many times that it was frustrating to see. Stumbling to the end so it could lean on tie-ins from New Hope for nostalgia purposes. Creating a throw away two hours.
Now for the reason that majority of the crowd was excited for. The Darth Vader scenes. Opening with him in the Bacta Tank, showing a quick glimpse of power, when he dominated Director Orson Krennic, to him cutting loose and kicking some serious rebel ass. Hacking and slicing and force throwing his way through everyone in his path. Which was an awesome scene and would have been thrilled to have seen way more of that.
After taking the night to think. Giving this a 2 out of 5. Most of which due to Darth Vader’s fight scenes and Felicity Jone’s performance as Jyn. Movie may have been bad, but those two stood out big time. Wishing that they would have showed a little more interest in building these characters because this movie had the potential to shine brighter then the rest.
Can’t finish this without bringing up Peter Cushings Grand Moff Tarvin being CGI into the movie. In not just a background role but a pretty important support part. It was phenomenal to see what they can do with computers and really cool to see them try to write him out or recast.

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