Star Wars Hypocrisy 

By Justin Hopkins 

 On December 15th, a movie will come out, that I’m sure people will flock to go see. Wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see it be a contender to a lot of records. That of course being Star Wars Rogue One. I’ll more then likely be one, but I’m not overly thrilled by it.

 I’ll give Star Wars their credit. Original series gave the world a new and exciting (I guess) trilogy. Showed just how what technology of that time can do. 1999 they kicked off the second trilogy. Making 1.4 billion, 857 million, and a billion. Despite being bashed by fans and critics alike. Ten years later we get a 2.6 billion dollar Force Awakens. Now that is over, would love to call out the hypocrites.

 Spider-Man is going on is third reboot. Despite making more money any hero. Out of five movies only one of which was bad and one bland. Spider-Man 2 often considered one of the best Superhero movies of all time. Was met with nothing but complaints and criticism when the reboot was announced. Star Wars gets a free pass despite having a terrible trilogy and a reboot that was called out for being almost a repeat of New Hope. 

 Most everyone who raves about these movies. Will bash another series for attempting to reboot another. Refused to go see Ghostbusters, complained about Ben Affleck trying his hand at Batman, and God forbid anyone dares discuss rebooting The Crow. You shake your finger at reboots, but Star Wars is filming 8 about to release a film that’s in between the prequels and New Hope, and nothing.

 Now I’m going, because I love movies and will give any a chance, but you’re going to complain about reboots and Hollywood reusing old ideas. Have to consider Star Wars as a prime example of both.



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