Princess Tells All

By Paul Anthony

News Broke recently that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had a three month affair during the filming of Stars Wars:A New Hope. Carrie confirmed this in her new book titled The Princess Diarist.

Obvious this became a big deal with The Star Wars franchise releasing The Force Awakens which was a mega hit just last year and Rogue One being released just a few weeks from now. Fisher described their affair as purely lust and honestly for good reason. When filming took place Carrie Fisher was still a no name actress at the age of just 19 years old, Ford on the other hand was 34 years and married at the time with two kids.

Its no secret actors and actresses form relationships all the time on  the set of films. Its only a normal thing when you spent so much time away from home and with your co-stars but this doesn’t look good on Harrison part and I am sure he doesn’t care since this happen over 30 years ago.

Here we have Ford falling for a 19 year old when he was married, that makes him  look bad with being a cheater and yes he would divorce his wife of that time later on but that doesn’t change the fact that he cheated on his wife with basically a kid.I wonder how his ex wife is reacting to this news?
Carrie Fisher was no doubt a attractive female but still he needed to be the bigger person and just say no.

Fisher would state she was heart broken that he didn’t leave his wife and be with her after filming was over but clearly she gotten over. They laugh about it and sure why not? It was over 30 years but that doesn’t change anything. Interesting enough Fisher stated in a interview That she should have fallen For Mark Hamill instead but Hamill wouldn’t have joked about like Ford has. Which I doubt would be true since Hamill wasn’t married and was young himself.

As I stated earlier its clear the two got over this little hump with each other since they went on to film 3 more Star Wars films together as Princess Leia and Han Solo who as we all know dated and Married and had Ben Solo A.K.A Kylo Ren.

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