Passing of a Legend

By Paul Anthony

We lost a legend over the holiday weekend, Florence Henderson passed away from heart failure on Thanksgiving day. The day we are supposed to be giving Thanks, the Hollywood world was in mourning when they found out she had passed away at the age of 82.

Did we see this death coming? The answer was no, Henderson was in no ill-health leading up to her death, at least none was reported, just a few days ago she made appearance on Dancing With The Stars to support her friend and on former on- screen daughter Maureen McCormick, or as we know her as Marcia Brady.

The day before she passed away, she was admitted to the hospital other than that nothing seemed to be out of the normal for her and her family, This was considered a shock to everyone. Henderson was a famed actress even before she starred on The Brady Show as Carol Brady from 1969 to 1974.

It was that show that made her a legend for generations to come, every generation since the show ended  in 1974 , has watched it and even though we thought the show was cheesy, we still watched the show and we still learned her name, the perfect mom we thought of her ass.

Sure her career might not peaked after that but she didnt need it, she had made a name for herself. She used her fame to help numerious fundfrasiers, she was as pure at the  heart as Carol Brady was.

She will be truly missed and to her family our thoughts and prayers go out to her four children and her five great grandchildren. Even though she is gone she will always be around because legends never die, her work will live on and the next generation and generation after that and so on will learn who Henderson was, they will see her as the perfect mom as we saw her as that, sure they may call her Carol Brady but they will know her as we learned to know her.

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