Fast and Furious???

It was nearly three ago, the world found out that we lost the actor Paul Walker in a bad car crash, he was nearly done with his scenes with Fast 7. As we know the film got postponed but Walker’s brothers stepped in and with the help of CGI his scenes were completed. Walker was described to be the heart of the franchise but was he really? We head that saying a lot but often the person just turns out to be a spoke on a wheel and the wheel keeps on spinning regardless.

We all thought Fast 7 would be over, well at least those  who don’t know Hollywood thought so, but the film made 1.5 billion dollars and Vin Diesel announced that there would be a 8th film  and so filming begun and then there things became interesting. Shortly into filming, The Rock who plays Luke Hobbs said some not so kind words about one particular  male star. We learned that this Male star was noneother than Vin himself. Needless to say it was kept as hushed as possible but soon everything was leaking out. Which brings us back to Paul Walker.

As I recall I never heard much drama if any at all throughout the film series yet now that Walker is gone the drama has begun and there will be at least two more films after Fast 8, sorry spoiler alert. Walker’s character  was indeed just a fiction verison of himself, he enjoyed the films and embraced the character. Driving fast and the adrenaline life style. This rubbed onto the other actors and actoresses but now that he is gone the passion may not be there anymore and the honeymoon phase is now over and the good times maybe over.

This could be a situation that got blown up for no real reason except to have a story to talk about but when this story is bigger then the film, then there is a problem. In all I hope we can move on from this drama and focus on the film but I wouldn’t be shocked if more drama comes out again afterall the heart no longer there. Frustrations will build again regardless if its this film or the next film.The passion and love is now gone from these films, they are nothing more then your normal adtion film with the basic action scenes. In the end I guess Walker was truly rhe heart of this franchise.





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