Dr. Strange movie review By Justin Hopkins 

 The last superhero movie for the year has come and gone, in the form of Doctor Strange. For the first time in a while I went into a superhero movie with no background knowledge on the character’s or story arcs. Leaving me to just enjoy the film, instead of comparing it to the comics. Which was great, because this is one of the most fun enjoyable movies of the year. Know that I have the correct spelling for Benedict Cumberbatch in front of me. Lets get this review under the way.

 The only possible way to start this out, is with the remarkable visual and cg effects this movie has. Dr.Strange having so much to do with magic, astral planes, and other realms. They spared nothing to go all out on it. Giving us some of the most spectacular, beautiful visuals scenes that I have ever seen in a movie. In particular, Stranges first trip through the realms. Leaving you just in awe from the colors and scenes and manipulations and optical illusions. When he slams back to reality, in utter amazing disbelief. Is honestly how you feel in the theater. From the realms, chases, and fight scenes. Everyone involved just did a fantastic job.

 Once again, Marvel/Disney showed how good they are at casting. From Benedict Cumberbach bringing you into the world of Doctor Strange, a skilled egomanic who is humbled quite early on. Showing that he can hit not just a wide range of emotions, but seamlessly flip between them at will. Backed by a versatile support cast, and a better Marvel villain played by Mad Mikkelsen. Showing they can add humor even into the most tense parts of the movie. Leaving you hoping to see them all again in sequels.

 Like the rest, there are post credit scenes, that I am not going to really focus on. They were exciting as always. Leaving you wonder what happens next. All you can ask for from them.

 Doctor Strange is the perfect movie to round out the year with. Having everthing you can want. Humor, depth, great acting, and mind blowing visuals. This is a movie you have to go see in theaters, and sooner the better.

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