Don’t Breath, movie review By Justin Hopkins 

 Going into the movie, Don’t Breath, actually got to enjoy the fact that i didn’t know much about it. Having only seen part of one trailer. A feat not easily achieved in today‘s age of information swirling around online. Turned out to not really matter since this movie changed who you should be pulling for, in a rather disturbing twist.

 After opening to a brief scene of things to come. They take you back a few days. Showing a successful robbery from three cliche theives. Rocky, leading lady who wants to get her and her little sister away from her terrible family, to the surfs of California. Money, the boyfriend that you kind of want to see die, who acutally dies honorable. Not giving up the fact Rocky was there. Then you had Alex. Guy who loves Rocky, and willing to do anything for her. Targeting the lone man in a ghost part of Detroit. Who is a blind military vetarn, who made his fortune in a settlement from the death of his Daughter, in a car crash. Living in a locked, secured house, only companion is his Rottweiller.

 You want to feel bad for Rocky. Wanting to see her get away from her Mother and Mom’s Boyfriend, but feel so bad for the Veteran. All ready lost so much. Unable to really tell what’s going on, if they don’t make any noises. Only to swing back to Rocky when they discover a woman, chained into a harness, teethered to a ceiling in the basement. The woman who killed his daughter in the crash, and this is

 where things begin to get weird. When he accidentally shots her instead of them. Instead of not caring. He becomes even angrier. When he finally catches Rocky. You learn that he got the woman pregant through in vitro. Since she is gone. He now wants to force Rocky to have his new baby.

 This movie has more swerves then is probably necessary, but it was fascinating how feelings changed based off the events that occur throughout. Steller performances, especially from Jane Levy (Rocky) and Stephen Lang ( Blind Man) They deliver a compelling, suspenseful, horror movie. That keeps you off balance from the start of the Home Invasion, to the finale. In a original tale, that is definitely worth a watch.

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