Poor Reviews Don’t always matter By Paul Anthony

Suicide Squad movie remains number one at the box and the summer season of blockbusters or lack there of is now over. We now move on to season where it is highly acclaim films and so forth. After seeing Suicide Squad remain number one I decided to think about why some movies become hits even after poor reviews and here is what I came up with.

Fan Base, that is right the first thing i am going to talk about is the fan base. Critics often to not don’t pay attention tot the source materials and don’t pay attention to the excitement that fans have when they see a character that they love come to the big screen. Suicide Squad had a lot of film debuts, people I have spoken to were very excited to see Harley Quinn make her film debut. Fans don’t care if the joke are funny or not, or even the acting is good. Fans don’t focus on the script and how the well were they written and if they do most likely they are English majors and even so i am sure most of them don’t care.

Actors and Actresses play big part besides the acting, they bring in the fans, If a film was highly reviewed but you didn’t know a person in it, the chances are high that your not going to go see it, regardless a critic does. The actors alone can bring in the fan base, just look at  The Bourne  Legacy, Matt Damon left the series and Jeremy Renner came in, which is a fine actor but the Matt Damon fans left when he did. His fan base will go where ever he goes and their cash goes with him.

Entertainment is a big important factor even if it over the top and very pointless, I am looking at you The Fast and Furious franchise. The things that they do are nearly unrealistic as they come but yet they make money, Why? because it is fun seeing  people fight and drive cars flying down to the ground. Or even the Transformer films where they stop paying attention to the story but on the fact that large robots are fighting.

Finally at last the budget, Often the lower the budget the more in return profit will be higher. Example if a film’s budget is 10 million and it grosses 100 million the profit is 90 million which makes it a success and then the sequels happen.

Now you know that poor reviews don’t make the movie a flop these four things will determine if it flops or not.

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