Sacrifice for the better

When it comes to the DC Universe; there is alot to be excited about. Especially, after introducing an entertaining cast of characters in Suicide Squad. Could write about how exciting it would be to see a sequel where they bring in new member into the fold. A Deadshot movie. Can talk for days about who I would like to see in Harley’s spin-off ( Poison Ivy). Even getting more curious to see a new Flash. All of this rattling around when i saw an article. Fans upset over the lack of Joker scenes. Even wanting to sue for false advertising. Based on how much he was advertised and then barely apart of it. So here I am, about to make internet fans upset… They did the right move, and here is why.

 First, the thought of suing is kind of ridiculous. He was in the movie. Parts were subtle, but did help move the plot along. Really only needed to be there for Harley’s origin. When the first trailers were coming out. They held him back, and the fans demanded more. Wanting to see what Joker they were getting. They gave you what you wanted and then some. Never what his role would be.

 My blog on the movie states that I don’t have an opinion of Jared’s performance. That still stands. Found it kind of strange to see him obsessed over getting her free. After all these years of his number one priority being take down Batman, and I’ll forget, for the sake of this blog, that she ended up in jail when he left her to die in the river, and gave us a sweet ending between the two. About that though, could have been different. 

 During an interview, Jared spoke of most of his scenes being cut. How him and Margot really pushed the abuse committed. Leaving it in, would have changed the narrative and made you feel horrible seeing their warm embrace. 

 Lastly, this is the movie of the Suicide Squad. By them cutting his time, they gave us more time to be introduced to new characters new to the limelight. We will see plenty

more Jared Leto’s Joker down the road. This was their turn to shine bright.

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