Undefeated no more

Where were you at this past Saturday night?I am sure you were out and about enjoying your night off, however if you are a UFC fan then you were at home or bar watching UFC 193 pay per view, which the main even bout was no other than Ronda Rousey VS Holly Holms. Even if your not a fan you were thinking Rousey would win. Here comes the shocker…. she didn’t.

She headed into this match with a perfect record 12-0 not only was her streak on the line but so was her title, a title that she held for three years. In those three she gain world wide fame and fortune. Even if your not a true UFC fan, you know who she is. Her streak was a thing of beauty, however we know that all good things come to an end.

Rousey last few fights lasted a total of 90 seconds, yes three fights and combine 90 seconds. None of those three fights made it to the second round. THis fight however did and that’s when she saw her streak come to an end in the form of a knock out kick that was just nasty. The kick gave her a concussion, she was taken to the hospital directly after the fight to receive treatment.

Holms was the underdog, at least Vegas thought so, but truly she was anything but a undergo. Holms was 10-0 going into this fight but her overall MMA record was 32-2-3. She was Rousey’s toughest opponent in young MMA career. Do the math Holms has nearly twice as many matches than Rousey. Underdog? i think not.

Could Rousey have won? I think so, she far too talented and has both the awards and medals, even the title for three years to her resume. Here is what went wrong. Holms was smart she scouted, she knew Rousey style was aggressive and she needed to use that to her advantage and it paid off in the end when she found the opening to give the knockout kick.

I believe Rousey defeated herself in the process, she was clearly more talented but her ego of the fame went to her head and she didn’t take opponent seriously, now we see if Rousey is a true great fighter because once she recovers , she needs to train harder and learn from her mistakes for rematch, yes there will be rematch , I would think sometime in July who knows we might even get a third match if Rousey wins her rematch.

I think Rousey will comeback smarter and stronger which made be a bad thing for Holms, she isn’t at her peak just yet, That’s the crazy part but for now we will have to see if when this rival will start back up again.

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